Cali Weed Online clearly states that its policies are precise and straight when it comes to serving the best to our valuable customers.
  • Customers are only eligible for refunds if the product arrived is entirely different from what they have purchased or if the desired product is not delivered or seized by the customs. Consumers wanting a refund should intimate us through email. In this case, only a 90% refund will be provided. Also, the process of refund will be initiated by us within 3 business days from the date of indication. All the deductions are made by taking into consideration several deductions which include the charges essential for clearing customs and the shipping charges. 
  • To claim refund, customers are required to return the parcel. It is then sent back to the sender. The whole process can be tracked on the portal provided to the customer. After the product reaches the sender, a refund is initiated by us and the customer can receive the amount within 3-5 business days.
  • In certain cases, there are chances wherein the packages are apprehended by customs thus in such scenarios the parcel will be shipped to customers for free.
  • The refund is not applicable in case where there is a delay in the delivery of parcel because of an inaccurate and invalid shipping address.
  • A refund cannot be claimed if the customer is already provided with the tracking details or if the payment process has already been completed for all the payment methods.
  • If the customer wishes to continue the process and wants the same product, then they can demand re-shipping which will not include any additional shipping charges.