Buy Indica Cannabis Strains Online

Indica Cannabis is a primary marijuana strain type known to be calming and relaxing. Indica strains are ideal for activities during the evening that require little to no physical activity or social interaction. In terms of effects, Indica strains provide a high for your mind and body, creating a sedated and sleepy state of mind. Use this list to explore Indica strains and their effects.

Physical Characteristics of Indica Cannabis Strains

* Squat and dense in height

* Has heavy and compact buds

* Has long internodes between branches, with an average distance of 3 to 6 inches

* Broad and pointy leaves, wide with shorter fingers, no leaf patterns or markings, rounded edges

Origin of the Cannabis Indica is the hash producing countries like Afghanistan, Tibet and Morocco. They are often dark green in color with broad leaves. Indica plant is short and dense. The maturity of this plant is 6 to 8 weeks right after flowering. They usually have dense and thick buds. Flavor and aroma will vary from being pungent skunk to sweet and fruity.

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